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Fun in Colorado

Here are some pictures of our family in beautiful Colorado.

Timothy and Mommy enjoying the mountains.

Timothy and Mommy enjoying the mountains.

Male bonding time.

Male bonding time.

Brotherly love.

Brotherly love.

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Power of prayer

The power of prayer never ceases to amaze us. Being with OMF International has really showed me and taught me the power of prayer, through the life of Hudson Taylor and many others. We just came back from a one week conference up in Colorado where we met with other missionaries and friends. It was a time of vision casting, being still before our God and encouraging other fellow co-workers. We were reminded once again the importance of cultivating a prayer life before our Lord. We still recognize the deep need of the Gospel in so many areas of the world, and are once again reminded to PRAY.

In the next month, I (Tina) will be re-reading Hudson Taylor’s biography from a 2 volume set. I am praying that God will lay a deep burden in my heart to pray more and also to align my heart with God wants and desires. Dear friends, thank you for your prayers and love for the Gospel, for the Taiwanese people, for the world and for our family. Let us continue to walk this journey of faith together.

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Becoming a Woman of Influence

I recently finished a book called “Becoming a Woman of Influence: Making a Lasting Impact on Others” by author Carol Kent. Now that we are on home assignment and not back in Taiwan doing our usual ministry, I realize that this came as a challenge and as an encouragement. I learned once again that I don’t have to be officially doing ministry stuff in order to make an impact on people’s lives for the glory of God. This book lists seven principles on how to impact people in our daily lives.

The author looks at how Jesus impacted people while He was here on earth. The principles include: having time alone with God, showing love and compassion, casting vision, storytelling, walking and talking with others, asking questions and showing compassion. Each principle was once chapter long and the author takes us on a journey to see how Jesus impacted others in his daily life here in earth. I have learned once again that our Savior Jesus Christ deeply cared and loved people during His time on earth. I have also learned again how one cannot overlook the importance of cultivating personal alone time and prayer time with God. No matter how busy we are, our time with God cannot and should not be overlooked. With three boys at home, I really need to learn how to prioritize my time and make time for what really matters. This book was a challenge and an encouragement to me, especially at this special time of my life.

women of influence

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Ministry Sharing

During our home assignment here in the US, we have had many opportunities to share about God’s work in Taiwan in various churches. We have enjoyed sharing stories, the history of Taiwan, prayer requests and ministry updates of the working class people of Taiwan. As we eagerly anticipate our return to Taiwan this year, we are reminded of God’s amazing work in Taiwan. We have seen people turn from worshipping idols to a new life in Christ. We have seen people’s lives changed by the Gospel. Our God is indeed a God who forgets no one and who desires for people to come into a loving relationship with Him. We are thankful for the opportunity to share about our ministry in Taiwan. It is a reminder that the God we serve deserves all the glory in all that we do.

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Introducing Jonathan James Keller

Dear family and friends,
We apologize for not keeping up with our website the last several months. We have been busy transitioning to life in the US for our first home assignment as well as welcoming baby Jonathan into our family. Our family came back to the US in December 2012 and we are hoping to head back to Taiwan for our second term of missionary work sometime after this summer. So many things have happened since we last posted, so please keep on checking back so you can see little tidbits of our life and ministry.

Jonathan was born on May 1st, 2013 in Katy Texas. He was born at 37 weeks and weighed only 6 pounds and 0 ounces. He is now about six weeks old. Our oldest son Timothy celebrates his 4th birthday in three days. Our second son Gabriel is a little over 2 years old. There is never a dull moment in our house, but we are loving every moment of it.


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Random Family Life

Our boys having fun with each other.

Why so serious??

Time to go night night…



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Latest Ministry News

Dear family and friends, here is an update on our latest ministry news:

Night Market:  We have continued to set up booth at our local night market on Wednesday nights.  It has attracted some attentions and we have had a few people show interest in Christianity and engage in deep conversations.  Please continue to pray for this ministry.  We are still in the beginning stage of this new method of ministry.  Please pray for more people to come to our booth, and more opportunities to engage in conversations.

Mommy’s Group:  We hold a mom and toddler’s group on a wekely basis for local mothers and their little ones.  We use the time to tell Bible stories and listen to praise music.  We praise God for some local Christians to come to the group on a consistent basis.  Please pray for the group to multiply and for the local Christians to take ownership and leadership of the group.

Sunday House Church:  We hold a Sunday house church of about 10-15 people on a regular Sunday.  The group includes new believers and non-believers.  Please pray for the gorup of people, that they can understand God more through our Sunday study as well as engage in fellowship with one another.

Evangelism and Outreach:  Please pray for Nathan and I (Tina) as we meet with our contacts on regular basis.  These are people that we have been reaching out to the last several months.  Some have shown interest in Christianity, but many have not.  This group of people include people that work at a hair salon, noodle shops, cake shops, restaurants, massge parlor….etc.  Please pray for our continued friendship with all of our contacts.

Discipleship:  I have been meeting up with three woman for a time of prayer and reading the Bible.  These three woman are in very different walks of life.  Please pray for our meetings that God’s Truth will penetrate in their lives and they can have a heart and passion to know more about who God is.

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Life with our boys

In two days, Timothy will start preschool here in Taiwan.  He will only go for 4 hours a day in the mornings.  We are excited that he gets to learn Mandarin, interact with other kids and learn new skills.  Life with Gabriel is so much fun.  He is always laughing, always in a good mood.  He is eating all sorts of things now, and his favorite foods are oatmeal and papayas.

Thank you for continuing to ask about our children and praying for them.  We are blessed by your love and encouragements.

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Night Market Ministry

Starting in the beginning of May, our team in Taiping will be starting a new ministry at the local night market.  There is a night market in the center of Taiping every Wednesday nights from around 6pm to 12am. The market attracts people of all ages and the stalls include food, clothes, household items and also a lot of games.  We are planning to set up a stall on Wednesday nights in order to have a Christian presence in the market and to meet with people.  We will have Christian literature as well as information about events about our prayer center which we hope to invite people to.  We are excited about this new ministry.  We hope it will attract people and allow the Taiwanese people to learn more about Christianity.  Please pray for our team as we embark on this new and exciting journey.

People gathered around to eat at the night market.

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Ministry Update

As we encounter different working class people each day, we are amazed at the spiritual and emotional needs of people.  Here is a glimpse into what we have been doing in our ministry.  Please pray with us as we continue to build relationships with people in our community.

Mrs. Hsu is a 62 year old lady who used to live next door to us in our apartment complex.  She moved out three months ago to another apartment in Taiping.  Tina has been able to keep in contact with her and our whole family was able to visit her at her new place.  Mrs. Hsu has been going to the temple and worshipping ever since she can remember.   Tina has been able to pray for her and explain to her the meaning of the Gospel.  Even though Mrs. Hsu is open to allowing Tina to pray for her, she told Tina that she will not give up going to the temples.   The change in lifestyle can be very difficult for many Taiwanese people, and it is true in Mrs. Hsu’s case.  Please pray that her friendship with Tina will grow and that Mrs. Hsu will have a desire to learn more about Jesus Christ. 

Mr. Nee is a guy who works at a coffee shop nearby.  Nathan has been able to get to know him through different occassions of buying drinks there.  Nathan is able to visit him on a weekly basis and build a friendhsip with him.   Mr. Nee always gets excited whenever he sees Nathan visiting him.  Nathan asked him if he would be open to listening to Bible stories, and Mr. Nee said he would.  Please pray for their future meetings as Nathan shares the creation story with Mr. Nee.  Pray for Mr. Nee’s heart and his desires to know more about Christianity and learn more about Jesus Christ.

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